Sports & Education

Rusanhi Education Committee – 10 Primary Schools & 4 Secondary Schools

Schools in the two wards are:

  • Njerama Primary
  • Zinyembe Primary
  • Bethania Primary
  • Bethania Secondary
  • Mapfekera Primary
  • Kadzere Primary
  • Mbaza Primary
  • Mbaza Secondary
  • Sadziwa Primary
  • Fatima Primary
  • Bonda Primary
  • Bonda Secondary
  • Chirarwe Primary
  • Chirarwe Secondary

We aim to promote Education among learners/pupils/students including those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.We are strong believers in promoting education through sport. We will help out our schools in any way possible to achieve this.Our wish is to see vibrant, proactive and empowered Old Students Associations taking an active interest in the affairs of their old schools.

Our schools have produced individuals who have gone on to excel world wide in many fields. Individuals who have shown capacity to identify and solve complex issues. We believe in their combined capacities they will move our schools one or two steps forward if not more in the journey to providing a good education for Rusanhi school goers.