People of Rusanhi

We believe that together as one we can do more. Tikaita mubatira pamwe tinoyambuka, tinokunda. Rusanhi is a peaceful, loving and secure community; a place where generations will find comfort and fulfilment.

Rusanhi is part of Mutasa Central Constituency in Manicaland province located in eastern Zimbabwe. Its economy is agriculture-based. We practice semi-commercial agriculture. The area is criss-crossed by gravel roads which join asphalt/tarred roads linking the area to Mutare, Nyanga and Rusape towns. Osborne dam is within easy reach so is Mutarazi falls. The famous Nyanga mountains, Troutbeck Inn and Montclair Hotel and Casino are an hour or so away from Rusanhi area. Rusanhi will easily fit into a tourist package of these spots connecting via either Rusape or Mutare. Rusanhi is a very beautiful area with breathtaking views given its many mountains. Mobile phone coverage needs improving but by and large most areas will receive a signal 24 hours a day.

RELIGION plays a key part in the life of the community. Different religions coexist in harmony, differences are tolerated without acrimony. At present Christianity with its different faiths is the main religion. The Anglican church has a long established mission at Bonda providing schools, a 150 bed hospital, a nursing school and a church.

The Roman Catholic Church has a resident priest at Bethania and they provide schools and a church and hopefully it is only a matter of time before they like the Anglican Church set up a health facility as well.

maSabhuku emuRUSANHI

There are 31 maSabhuku

1) Nyamurundira
2) Sambaza
3) Sadziwa
4) Dowera
5) Nyapokoto
6) Mawadza
7) Ruende
8) Samusodza
9) Sachikonye
10) Chirarwe

11) Mangwanda
12) Maoko
13) Chidamwoyo
14) Kudumba
15) Haripo
16) Rashama
17) Kadzere
18) Mudzindiko
19) Duri
20) Kurewa
21) Nyamangwanda

22) Chinamasa
23) Nenjerama
24) Manyau
25) Zinyembe
26) Mapfumbate
27) Chinzou-Munzeiwa
28) Nyamukondiwa
29) Mufandaedza
30) Takarambwa
31) Mandimutsira